New Year’s Eve Party Horn Only Works If You’ve Had A Few Drinks

New Year’s Eve Party Horn Only Works If You’ve Had A Few Drinks
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The classic noise maker turns into a breathalizer of sorts, only working if it detects alcohol.

Emma Hutchings
  • 21 december 2012

When the ball drops at midnight on New Years Eve, many party goers ring it in with a kiss, throwing confetti, or blowing on a party horn. But this creative spin on the classic party horn by Tyler DeAngelo & Sacha De’Angeli of Havas Worldwide Chicago will only work if you’ve had a few drinks. The ‘Buzzed Buzzer‘ is a hacked noise maker that replaces the regular horn with an Arduino, alcohol sensor, and buzzer that activates with the presence of alcohol. When a person blows into the horn, the code looks for the presence of alcohol on the user’s breath; if the sensor sees a spike, the horn will make a noise. If the user hasn’t had enough to drink, the buzzer won’t make a sound.

Instructions on the site show anyone how to make their own Buzzed Buzzer; PSFK spoke to Tyler DeAngelo about making your own ‘Buzzed Buzzer’ and how much you really have to drink to activate the horn:

For someone is who pretty good with a soldering iron it shouldn’t take too long to make one. Maybe a couple hours. I provide all of the code and [the] parts list right on the site. It would cost about $30. Depending on how you tweak the code I provide you can really adjust how much alcohol it takes to set if off. It’s a lot of fun to play around with. It actually becomes increasingly fun the more you test it…

Watch the video below to see how the Buzzed Buzzer works and start planning to make your own for a fun New Years Eve:

Buzzed Buzzer

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