Detroit brand natives link up for a collaboration inspired by the Motor City's ongoing struggles.

Is there any brand more ruggedly and iconically American than Carhartt? Creating quality work apparel for everyone from construction teams to Barneys, this brand has the kind of following, and association with quality, that has made it a perennial favorite of men (and women) since 1889. But you don't build a reputation like Carhartt's by simply producing superior products–you also have to be a loyal member of your community. Their newest collection, an effort made with fellow Detroit natives Chrysler, Carhartt has created a line inspired by the Motor City and its recent struggles. Designed in Detroit and made in America, each piece is available in a limited run of 200. For those looking to support the collab, there are six pieces in the collection, all gray, and currently available on Carhartt's website.

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