Media artist Matthias Dörfelt's 'Weird Faces Study' features random cartoon-ish faces that look like the same person illustrated them.

Los Angeles-based media artist Matthias Dörfelt (Mokafolio) has created a wall of cartoon-ish faces that are imperfect but similar, suggesting they were hand-drawn by the same person. But in fact, the faces were made with a computer algorithm that randomly generates a unique face. ‘Weird Faces Study’ combines Dörfelt’s interest in illustration with programming to create something procedural that has an individual artistic touch to it.

Creative Applications notes that Dörfelt thought about different presets for the facial features that could be mixed in arbitrary ways to create the final face, with each preset potentially having an infinite number of variations. Weird Faces Study was programmed in Java Script using the PaperJS library.

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