Cornell Installs Real Lawn In The School Library [Pics]

Cornell Installs Real Lawn In The School Library [Pics]
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University implements special area to help students with mental fatigue.

Yi Chen
  • 21 december 2012

Studies have found how prolonged study can lead to mental fatigue and stress. To combat this issue, Cornell University has created a lawn area inside one of its libraries. The Olin library features a patch of real grass, with comfortable sofas along the edges. Students are invited to sit on the lawn, lay down on it, and even roll around it, however, stomping on it is prohibited.

The exhibit is part of a bigger project from the Department of Design and Environmental Analysis. The initiative is based on the “Attention Restoration Theory,” and looks to incorporate more nature in high-traffic areas to help students concentrate better and restore their mental fatigue.

The space has already received positive feedback from students, as seen on the comments that are publicly shared on the board outside the library.




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