New Jersey Mayor Challenges Social Media Followers To Live On $30/Week

New Jersey Mayor Challenges Social Media Followers To Live On $30/Week

Newark's Cory Booker created the #SNAPChallenge to help people learn about the difficulties of eating a balanced diet on government subsidies.

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 december 2012

The #SNAPChallenge from Newark mayor Cory Booker grew out of a Twitter conversation about the government’s role in children’s nutrition. One follower tweeted that “nutrition is not the responsibility of the government”, which caused him to reflect on the families and children in his community who benefit from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) assistance. Booker suggested that they try to live on a SNAP equivalent food budget for a week and document their experience, to learn about the challenges of eating a balanced diet under monetary constraints.

Cory Booker Challenges Social Media Followers To Live On A Food Budget Of $30/Week

So this week Booker is living off $30 worth of food ($4.32 per day), in the hope of gaining a better understanding of the SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) program and raising awareness around food justice. He is using social media sites including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to extend the message of the campaign, document his experiences, and get others involved. Check out the video below to see the #SNAPChallenge guidelines:


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