No Need For Winter At Denmark’s Architectural Indoor Ski Slopes

No Need For Winter At Denmark’s Architectural Indoor Ski Slopes

Skidome will become the world's largest indoor ski park complete with over 2 miles of hills.

Alice Chan
  • 18 december 2012

Danish architecture firm CEBRA in collaboration with travel agency Danski debuts designs for a modern ski park located in Randers, Denmark. The Skidome will mimic the form of a six-point snowflake and feature over 2 miles of indoor and outdoor trails. It will become the largest indoor ski park in the world at over a million square feet. Part of the facility will also include a freestyle park, hotel, restaurant, and other modern amenities for visitors.

Skidome Denmark_ski
The giant dome consists of three arches, which resemble the shape of a snowflake. The arches each span 2300 feet across the river Gudenåen and the top arch’s highest point rises 350 feet over the surrounding landscape. The arches’ exterior roof surfaces are an integrated part of the design equal to the interior slopes with real snow. The top arch’s roof offers two black pistes, allowing outdoor skiing even during the summer. The middle arch is shaped like an urban playground with street sport facilities for skateboarding, BMX biking and more, while the bottom arch has a green landscape roof, which like a raised city park invites a wide range of leisure activities.

Check out the video below for an intro to the Skidome Denmark. Note: Captions available with English subtitles.

Skidome Denmark


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