Design Creative Of The Week: Laura Hopewell [Visual Communication]

Design Creative Of The Week: Laura Hopewell [Visual Communication]

The hottest new talent of the week brought to you by PSFK x Arts Thread. This week, a young illustrator who uses paper crafts to create intricate scenes.

Dory Carr-Harris, PSFK
  • 2 december 2012

PSFK’s creative of the week, chosen from ARTS THREAD online portfolios, is Laura Hopewell. A graduate of Nottingham Trent University, Laura’s work uses handcrafted elements such as embroidery and paper cuts alongside illustration for strong imagery with a contemporary twist.

ABC, Laura Hopewell

Why we like Laura’s work: Laura brings a strong graphic identity to her work alongside imaginative new interpretations of traditional techniques such as paper-craft and hand-embroidery.

Tell us a bit about yourself, your background and inspirations:

I am a designer and illustrator currently based in Yorkshire, UK, having recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Graphic Design. I love using hand-making techniques in my illustrations and have a particular fondess of paper-craft and hand embroidery. My work made me the proud winner of the Hallmark Award at this year’s New Designers exhibition. I’m inspired by craft blogs, lovely magazines like Anorak and Wrap, beautifully illustrated children’s books and the desire to have a go making something I haven’t tried before.

The Snow Queen. Laura Hopewell

Talk us through the pieces on your ARTS THREAD portfolio:

“ABC” is a set of paper-cut 3-dimensional illustrations for a children’s book, which features an A-Z of various different habitats and environments in which people live around the world. I wanted to see how paper-cut illustrations could work as miniature 3D ‘sets’, which I then photographed and compiled into a book to bring the A-Z to life.

Both ‘The Snow Queen’ and ‘Open Minds’ projects are a continuation of my paper-craft work; working with different colours and paper textures to add a new dynamic to the illustrations for a classic fairy tale and an awareness campaign respectively. I also wanted to experiment with embroidery as a medium for illustration and hand-embroidered the pieces on my portfolio, again with texture in mind, using thread to mimic rough pen strokes.

Open Minds, Laura Hopewell

What are you currently working on?

Currently I am working for Hallmark Cards, as a designer and illustrator on the creative team. It’s an ideal job for a recent graduate like myself – I’m spending most of the time cutting, sticking, sewing, drawing and everything I like to do best!

How can people get in contact with you? What work are you looking for?

Specifically I’d be looking for embroidery commissions, magazine or book illustration – particularly for kids! – but any propositions of design work are welcome. Get in touch for a creative natter at or take a look at my website

Laura Hopewell


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