The University of North Texas design and communication programs encourage students to travel outside of the digital world.

The design and communications professors at the University of North Texas understand that a liberal arts degree is just as much about what you learn outside the classroom as what you learn in the classroom.

That’s why the design program there has started the ‘Experience Passport.’ The ‘Experience Passport’ is a work-book/pamphlet given to students each year, filled with activities to do outside the classroom to further their learning experience.

Students get a different book for each year of their studies, and part of their educational goal for that year might be visiting certain museums, watching Oscar nominated films made prior to 1945, and reading at least one Pulitzer prize-winning fiction novel. There are also more career-oriented tasks such as exchanging business cards with 5 professional designers, but the entire idea of the project is to expose students to life experiences in the physical world around them, rather than on their computer screens.

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