SupperKing offers an in-home social dining experience to meet new people or catch up with friends.

Bringing the social grubbing experience to the home, SupperKing enables would-be hosts to plan dinner parties for their friends or future friends (also known as people they have not met yet or strangers). Originating from Los Angeles, SupperKing was founded by Kai Stubbe to “enable the peer to peer in-home dining experience.” Similar to the GrubWithUs program for social dining in restaurants, SupperKing brings the meet-up home for added intimacy and potential reduction in dinner costs.

Once users download the free, location-based iOS app, they can pursue two options: setup and host a meal in their home or RSVP to join another member’s dinner party.  When hosting an event, the user can choose the location, topics or themes for the dinner (such as art, fine wine, best architecture of the city, travel stories), select a cuisine, dinner menu, price for attendance per seat ($1-$99), and number of available seats. Attendees can then search for event listings by location, price, topic, menu, date, and other keywords. The app also allows users to search for events by “What’s Popular.”

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