The Head of Innovation at Cheil London tells us why constant connectivity is turning into a malaise of digital dependency.

Having been stuck in New York courtesy of Hurricane Sandy, two of the most enduring scenes in the days that followed were the people crowding outside closed Starbucks stores, trying to get onto their wireless network, and two cyclists who were riding a tandem bike to generate electricity to charge people’s phones.

It highlighted just how reliant we now are on technology and in particular on being constantly connected. This was typified by the fact that every time my friends and I went into a restaurant or a bar, the first question we asked was: ‘Do you have wi-fi?’  This was, of course, to allow us to share our Instagram photos – nothing particularly essential in the general scheme of things – but it did make me wonder whether the huge amount of time and energy we devote to sharing our memories makes us risk losing sight of the process of actually creating some of those memories.

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