Dos Equis Programs Holiday Lights To ‘Play’ Their Theme Song

Dos Equis Programs Holiday Lights To ‘Play’ Their Theme Song

The beer brand teamed up with a family in Texas to put on the ‘Most Interesting Light Show in the World.’

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 20 december 2012

Holiday lighting and decorations are a tradition for many, even if you’re not a regular ‘Clark Griswold.’ But if you do have 25,000 imported Italian twinkle lights like Clark, you just might have companies knocking on your door looking to team-up.


That’s what happened when Dos Equis contacted John Storm of Austin, Texas to team-up and convert his holiday light show, at least partially, into marketing material for the brand.

Storm has converted his home and yard into a light/music show, which is called ‘Listen to our Lights,’ for the 2nd year in a row. This year, he has gained some notoriety for a video that’s been circulating of his Christmas lights synced to Gangnam Style. Dos Equis connected with Storm to take advantage of this idea, programming his light show to sync with the brand’s ‘theme song’ and light up on cue. Gwen Boyce, Brand Director at Dos Equis adds:

Dos Equis is a brand that stands for “Interesting,” and supports those who do interesting things.  We saw an opportunity to marry the successful “Listen to our Lights” viral videos with something iconic from the brand – our instantly recognizable Spanish guitar track.  The result is a holiday idea that we hope will be fun and interesting for Dos Equis fans to digitally share with friends.

Storm programs the lights using the Light-O-Rama computer software, which syncs the blink of the lights with the flow of a specific song. He connected all of the lights using Light-O-Rama controllers, capable of 16 different channels, and an FM transmitter and antenna. If you’re interested in trying this with your home, he provides a how-to here.

If you’re in the Austin-area, you can tune into the show and listen on local radio station, 106.9. If not, you can check out the video below and visit the ‘Listen to our Lights’ Facebook and YouTube pages:

Dos Equis

Listen To Our Lights

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