Draft Beer Machine Fills Glasses From The Bottom Up

Draft Beer Machine Fills Glasses From The Bottom Up

The Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System injects beer into the bottom of the cup faster and seals it with a magnet.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 18 december 2012

Thanks to GrinOn Industries, you’ll no longer have to wait in obscenely long beer lines at sporting events and concert venues. Sadly, the same can’t be promised for the food concession lines.

The Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System is an innovative dispensing machine that allows the beer cups to be filled from the bottom, faster and more efficiently than the standard tap.

The proprietary cups have a magnet-ring seal along a hole in the bottom. The cup is pushed down onto the special designed dispensing tap, which can accommodate up to 4 beers at a time, and the magnet is lifted while the cup is filled, hands-free. Once the cup reaches capacity, thanks to automatic valves that switch off based on a volume input, the cup can then be lifted away from the machine and the magnet is pulled back in place, sealing the bottom of the cup.


While the system may sound more wasteful and expensive than traditional cups and taps, considering the magnet system, GrinOn says there are many advantages to their system. They claim the Bottoms Up system works 9 times faster, making one concession worker more efficient, and utilizes 96% of the keg, as opposed to the current national average of 70%. GrinOn has also recently partnered with In The Drink Advertising to brand the magnets with ads and home-team logos that can then be taken home and used as refrigerator magnets.

As someone who has waited in those long beer lines, this sounds like the best thing since sliced bread or the invention of beer. Check out the video below, and also their site for further videos and information.

Check out the machine in action below:


Images by GrinOn and Core77

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