Retailer Gives Women Dresses That Fit Perfectly Every Time

Retailer Gives Women Dresses That Fit Perfectly Every Time

Bow & Drape lets consumers customize clothing by color, material and style.

Robyn Hightower
  • 5 december 2012

Both time spent browsing for that impossible find, and time waster on trying on several ill-fitting dresses could now be a thing of the past. Boston-based Bow & Drape is a clothing etailer that only offers customized dresses to customers’ exact measurements. Bow and Drape provides basic dress styles, and then lets shoppers make it their own by adding features or embellishments, changing the color, altering the shape of the neck or length of the sleeves, and of course using their body measurements for the perfect fit.

While other companies are using technology and webcams to measure customer fit (see Fit With a Click), Bow and Drape allow consumers to find the right fit the low-tech way, allowing consumers to try on a cotton muslin to ensure fit. Cotton muslin is a stiff, dressmakers cotton in the shape of the desired product used to take measurements and adjust size, before the final dress is created. Consumers can receive an at home Fit Kit containing three sizes of cotton muslin samples to determine the best fit, prior to ordering. Bow and Drape also have high-tech fitting technology, the “photorealistic dynamic configurator” can create exactly what the user wants, using six different clothing models, and a variety of trims, fabrics, sleeves, and hem lengths, that can create up to 3,000 combinations. Eventually, they hope to have the ability to allow consumers to upload an avatar for virtual fittings.

Their mission is to revive the tradition of dressmaking and small-scale craftsmanship, but adding technology to the experience to streamline the service and make it more accessible. Once consumers’ have styled their own pieces, the items are produced using high quality natural fabrics, such as cotton, wool and silk, and produced in two weeks. Additionally, they use New England-based seamstresses to hand make all of their garments, so each item is made with TLC. Bow and Drape’s designs feature classic silhouettes with modern detailing, drawing on fashion icons like Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, and Diana von Furstenberg.

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