Dutch pedestrian-bicycle crossing provides two crossings, offering less congestion and an immaculate view.

In order to overcome a design hurdle for a new bridge in Purmerend, the Netherlands, architects split up the problem, developing two solutions and then recombining them.

One crossing, two bridges. Architects faced a challenge when designing the new pedestrian-bicycle bridge for Purmerend because in order to make the bridge flat enough to meet inclination requirements for bikes and wheelchairs, the bridge would have been immensely long for pedestrians, at over 100 meters.

To give pedestrians a quicker and more direct route, they built a second span up and over the first. The dramatic arching pedestrian bridge is not only faster but it also offers a great view of the city, becoming an attraction in-and-of-itself. The bicycle bridge coils underneath the stepped pedestrian bridge, and is split in the middle to provide easy opening for boat passage.

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