Using The Human Body To Create Edible Sushi [Video]

Using The Human Body To Create Edible Sushi [Video]

Lucy McRae's short film 'Make Your Maker' explores the idea that food and the body are inseparable.

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 december 2012

Artist and filmmaker Lucy McRae explores genetic manipulation and human cloning in her new short film Make Your Maker, which premiered on Nowness. It features a world where clones are edible, and responds to the idea that ‘food and the body are inseparable’, which was developed alongside Nahji Chu of the Australian restaurant MissChu.

The short takes place in a laboratory, where a woman prepares and packages body parts, using her own body as a test bed. Duplicates are cut precisely with facial cutters, dissected, and sealed for consumption. McRae said that her gelatinous props were all edible: “The stuff on the model’s face is inked rice paper, and the jellies on her body are molded agar agar, which is made from natural seaweed.” You can check out the short film below:

Lucy McRae

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