Allen Solly creates a one-of-its-kind Tweeple-powered promotional board in India.

To launch its new clothing collection, Allen Solly invited people from Bangalore, India, to tweet at the brand to win a free shirt in the innovative give-away. The campaign was created by Ogilvy India and involved a large billboard that was covered in 60 shirts. Behind each shirt was a solenoid (a coil wound into a tightly packed helix) that was wired to a computer. With every tweet that included the hashtag #RainingSolly, a random solenoid would inch forward until a shirt fell.

As each piece of clothing was removed in this way, it revealed a section of the billboard, while also rewarding the person who tweeted the post with an item from the new collection. At the event, the tweets were live-streamed on the big screen, as well as on Allen Solly’s Facebook page. Watch the video below to see how the campaign worked:

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