How Startups Are Taking Over From Brands In The Fashion Space

How Startups Are Taking Over From Brands In The Fashion Space

PSFK talks with Laura Zapata, founder of The Future of Fashion event series, about emerging retail technology trends.

Robyn Hightower
  • 2 december 2012

Held in the Projective Space studio in lower Manhattan, the Future of Fashion Technology event enabled five fashion tech startups a chance to present their companies to a panel of three professionals working in the fashion industry. The Future of Fashion event was a part of an ongoing series produced by Laura Zapata of Fashion Digital Daily, in conjunction with Projective Space, connecting fashion-focused startups with retail and fashion professionals. The five presenting startups were StyliticsMerocratGo Try it OnBib + Tuck, and Little Black Bag. These companies received feedback about their business plans from three fashion specialists on the panel, Jenn Talley, Digital Development Editor at Teen Vogue, Susan Barber, Art Director at Opening Ceremony, and Nick Chirls, Investments at Betaworks.

Filtering technology news, Fashion Digital Daily identifies emerging, fashion-savvy startups and style-focused websites and services on their website daily. Ms. Zapata, Founder and Editor of Fashion Digital Daily, has been active in the field of fashion, wearing many hats. Speaking with PSFK, Ms. Zapata elaborated on the dynamic trends playing out at the intersection of fashion and technology.

What are some trends that you have seen emerge in the fashion and technology space?

Lately I’ve seen major growth in the business-to-business space. So much so that it warranted it’s own Future of Fashion Series theme, which we held in October. There are also trends in augmented reality that I get excited about (Holition & Aurasma, for example), a lot of social ‘good’ commerce/philanthropic fashion (Community Collection is my personal favorite in this space), and the rise of the ‘swap’ markets/trade commerce (exemplified by Bib + Tuck and Little Black Bag.)

How do you see technology shaping the future of fashion and the retail experience in years to come?

I think we’re close, yet haven’t quite hit the mark on solving the problem of fit, while shopping online. Current solutions offer algorithms or augmented fit software, although I think as our technology advances, this aspect of the retail space will change leaps and bounds once the ‘problem’ is solved.

Also, I’ve seen some successes with taking the online experience offline. Technology is shaping our retail experiences in-store by making shopping fun again, and helping keep people in the store longer, which can contribute to better sales. One company to keep an eye on: Perch, a startup that presented at our previous Future of Fashion event, and builds digital in-store displays to create engaging shopping experiences.

Thanks Laura!

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