Foldable Bike Helmet Fits In A Backpack

Foldable Bike Helmet Fits In A Backpack
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To enhance comfort, the designer creates a 3-sectioned helmet which collapses into a smaller, more compact accessory.

Plus Aziz
  • 19 december 2012

The Overade is a foldable helmet from French engineer/designer Philippe Arrouar. The helmet can be folded in thirds, making it easily fit into a backpack or other bag. The design has launched on French crowdfunding site ulule after 3 years of research on how to make the helmet less cumbersome and foldable without undermining its protective functionality. Watch the inventor present his work in the video below:

Over the 3 year research process, it became apparent that storing helmets was something that many bikers found to be cumbersome or annoying. So the design challenge was to design a storage-friendly helmet without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. While certification has not yet been attained, The Overade helmet will be available in 3 sizes and will make for a great accessory should it meet the requirements for the European standard’s EN1078, a guideline specifying requirements and test methods for bike helmets.

The Overade


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