Gesture-Based Email Gets Rid Of Inbox Clutter [Video]

Gesture-Based Email Gets Rid Of Inbox Clutter [Video]

A mobile app that treats mail like a to-do list to quickly organize all folders and messages.

Yi Chen
  • 14 december 2012

From the makers of the successful to-do app Orchestra, comes an app that can change the way we organize the clutter in our inboxes. The newly launched application, simply called ‘Mailbox,’ is an intuitive and compact version of other e-mail clients.

The app uses basic gesture commands to put incoming mail into three categories: ‘do nothing’ to leave the e-mail in the inbox, ‘short swipe’ what you want to archive for later, and ‘long swipe’ to delete. Mailbox also performs like any other apps, with functions like reply, forward, CC, etc.

The main idea behind Mailbox is to treat e-mails like to-do lists and thus, derives some of its concepts from Orchestra. Mailbox is currently in closed beta and will be available for iPhone and Android phones in the new year. Watch the video below for a demonstration:


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