Google Digitizes Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls [Video]

Google Digitizes Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls [Video]

Biblical artifacts are now available online and can be accessed by anyone.

Yi Chen
  • 20 december 2012

Google collaborated with the Israel Antiquities Authority to make 5,000 images of ancient biblical artifacts available online. The digital library contains the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered more than 60 years ago, and are over thousands of years old.

The digital library contains chapters from the Book of Genesis, the Ten Commandments, and also portions from the book of Psalms. Visitors can explore the archive by site, language or content. The Great Isaiah Scroll can also be viewed by chapter and verse with a Hebrew to English translation pop up feature when the reader hovers over a sentence.


Shuka Dorfman, director of the Israel Antiquities Authority, commented that, “Only five conservators worldwide are authorized to handle the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now, everyone can touch the scroll on screen, around the globe.

Learn more about the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Google video below:

Dead Sea Scrolls


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