Web Search Using Old-Fashioned Punch Cards

Web Search Using Old-Fashioned Punch Cards

Goggle60 gives the search engine a Mad-Men makeover and lets users enter their search terms on a virtual typewriter.

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 december 2012

Website Google60, which is described as “an art project to explore distances and heroism in user interfaces,” evokes the 1960s and Mad Men with its punch card-style interface. Type in a search term on the virtual typewriter and you’ll see the machine type out, character by character, the home search page. Then, you can choose what kind of search you want: text based, image based, or latest news. The search results are all key-based, meaning any images you look for are made up of dashes, pluses, and asterisks.

Google60 Lets Users Search The Web ‘Mad Men Style’ With Punch Cards

The concept behind is that the distance, i.e.: the “world-factor”, inherent in a user interface adds a heroic dimension of a special kind to what would otherwise be a mere tool. In other words: The more worldly and obstructive the interface, the more intense the user’s desires in front of the machine. (E.g., an image composed of block-graphics that is merely resembling the depicted object might well be more amazing than a photo-realistic representation in high-resolution.)


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