Panoramic Visor Offers 360 Degree Views

Panoramic Visor Offers 360 Degree Views

The FlyVIZ prototype headset allows users to know what’s going on all around them at once.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 14 december 2012

Peripheral vision is nice, but it’s nothing like having eyes in the back of your head. With some further development, that’s quite possibly what the FlyVIZ will provide.

A system designed at the Grande École d’Ingenieurs Paris-Laval in France, the FlyVIZ is a modified headset that captures images in every direction around the wearer and then processes them in a comprehensible panoramic view.

Built from a modified Sony Personal 3D Viewer headset, the device uses a camera and mirrors mounted on an attached helmet to capture the environment. Then a laptop processes the information into something usable to the human eye and brain.

The system is reported to take roughly 15 minutes to become acclimated with, but the user is then able to move unhindered in any direction. The device is not supposed to cause any motion sickness, and should in fact heighten the users senses as they’re more visually aware of their surroundings. In tests, the user was able to dodge objects thrown at them from behind, grab objects out of their normal line of sight, and even drive.

While the FlyVIZ plays back the video images in real-time, it is currently unable to work without connection to the laptop. A potentially streamlined version of the FlyVIZ could be reasonably useful for police and security, or anyone else that would require full surveillance of there surroundings.

Check out the video below to see it in action, but be warned it is in French:


Images by Dvice

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