Indoor Swing Set Installation Encourages Communal Play

Indoor Swing Set Installation Encourages Communal Play
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Ann Hamilton's 'the event of a thread' at Park Avenue Armory is a participatory installation with over 40 swings that animate a massive cloth curtain.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 december 2012

Artist Ann Hamilton was commissioned by Park Avenue Armory to create an installation in the 55,000 sq ft Wade Thompson Drill Hall. Until January 6th, visitors can experience ‘the event of a thread,’ which is a participatory installation featuring over 40 swings suspended from the hall’s trusses, which control a large cloth curtain that divides the space. The cloth will be animated by the movement of the swings, as it is connected via ropes and pulleys, creating an experience of communal connectivity.

A 55,000 Sq. Ft. Swing Set Encourages Play

During the exhibition, two readers seated near the entrance will read aloud and their voices will be broadcast through the space. Visitors will be provided with radio receivers, enabling them to “carry” the voices as they walk around. On the opposite end of the hall, a writer will inscribe a response to the radio transmissions. Kristy Edmunds, consulting artistic director at the Armory, said:

Hamilton’s installation will draw together human actions—including speaking, singing, reading and writing—with the poetic potential of physical forces, such as velocity, time, and sound. Weaving together these threads of activity and spatial exploration, Hamilton’s work will envelop the visitor with a demonstration of collective identity and interconnectedness.

See the installation in action in the video below:

Park Avenue Armory

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