iPad Foosball Table

iPad Foosball Table

Technology company develops portable attachment for a tablet game.

Plus Aziz
  • 11 december 2012

Despite all the things we’ve seen done with iPads, there is always something new to be discovered. A new design that creates an arcade game out of the tablet adds physicality and group play to the mix, effectively creating a vintage feel to the gaming platform and app. The frame holding up the device, and the app itself are developed by New Potato Technologies who wanted to infuse new technology into the classic game.  

ipad foosball table stand

It is hard to imagine four people huddled around this form of foosball, but it also opens up thinking about physical elements adding a new dynamic to tablet play. The mini table retails for $99.99.

View the video below to see the table in action.

New Potato Tech Classic Match Foosball

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