Attachable device turns the iPhone 4 or 4S into a Class II heart monitor.

What's the nicest iPhone case you've ever seen? One with a nice screen-printed graphic? Something nearly indestructible, or perhaps one with a fancy camera lens? Well think again, because this one is sure to beat them all with its bells and whistles: A fully functional, FDA-approved heart monitor.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor is a $200 app and smartphone case combo that when held in your hands or pressed against your chest produces an EKG, those famous green blips that tell us whether a patient is going to live or die on hospital shows and movies. The case communicates wirelessly with the app, doesn't require device pairing and sends patient data to a site that safely tracks and stores all EKG readings. Although there are many camera-based heart monitor apps already available, this is the only one that is up to federal and clinical standards, hence appropriate for actual medical use rather than casual wellness awareness. In development since 2010, the system had to pass several clinical trials under the FDA, one for the app and one for the case.

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