‘Stitch’ Together Clothes By Ironing Not Sewing

‘Stitch’ Together Clothes By Ironing Not Sewing
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ThreadLab creates DIY apparel designs for men with a heat-activated adhesive film.

Emma Hutchings
  • 13 december 2012

ThreadLab offers open source DIY apparel for men who want to customize their clothes but don’t know how to sew. It uses modular components to enable them to assemble items using a simple iron. Users can choose from a variety of elements such as pockets, collars and cuffs, which can be attached to shirts using a special heat-activated adhesive film. This forms permanent bonds with cotton shirting when it feels the heat and pressure from the iron. The clothes can be washed at home in cold water and ironed like normal. There is also a selection of colors available to easily apply dye to the shirts.

‘Stitch’ Together Clothes By Ironing Instead Of Sewing

ThreadLab is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter, where pledges range from $55 for a kit with a dye packet, pocket and collar, up to $425 for a full week of shirts. You can watch how to make a shirt and see the campaign video below:


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