Jawbone's latest entry into the fitness tracking marketplace offers a number of hardware and software design improvements.

Late last year, portable electronics company Jawbone released their second version of their Up fitness tracking wristband. For those who remember, the first iteration of Up was met with a design flaw that led to Jawbone offering a no-questions-asked money back guarantee in an effort to appease scorned early adopters. One year later, the Up is back, ready to right past wrongs with improved functionality and a overhauled internal design.

In terms of looks, Jawbone’slatest Up fitness band is aesthetically very similar to last year’s model. The bracelet still sports thin zig-zagging rubber textured coating bookended by two silver caps. One cap is removable, revealing a 3.5mm plug for connecting to your iPhone’s headphone input, while the other isn’t actually a cap at all, but a button used to switch between the Up’s two modes: Awake and Sleep. What you can’t see is what Jawbone has done to the internal components, which have been completely redesigned to be more flexible and more water resistant.

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