Artist Tom Christiansen's 'Graffiti Collection' is made from layers of spray paint.

Artist Tom Christiansen creates unique pendants and bracelets as part of ‘The Graffiti Collection.' Laughing Squid reports that this jewelry is made from the layers of spray paint on Venice Beach's graffiti walls. The walls have been covered in ever-changing layers of spray paint for 50 years thanks to talented street artists.

After seeing one of his peers carve through layers of car registration tags to create an art piece, Christiansen remembered a piece of the Graffiti Wall he had picked up from the sand one day and taken back to his studio. He began to carve into the layers of paint and history and became fascinated with the found medium. “It's almost like an addiction,” says Christiansen. “Sometimes I carve into a color I like and have to decide if I should stop there or take a gamble that I'll carve into something even better below.”

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