Lacoste Imagines The Polo Of The Future [Video]

Lacoste Imagines The Polo Of The Future [Video]

The brand envisions a shirt that changes color when the wearer touches the alligator logo.

Allie Walker
  • 12 december 2012

We’ve seen shirts that display the wearer’s Facebook status, a sweater that plays a live video feed, and even a shirt that lights up in sync with the wearer’s heart beat. But what can we expect from Lacoste, the traditionally ‘preppy’ brand that arguably hit its stride in the 1980s?

Created in celebration of the brand’s 80th birthday, Lacoste imagines a polo of the future that can change colors by touching the alligator logo, update to display a tennis score in real-time, and be magically altered with simple hand gestures. While the effects in the video are hardly real, it does show how the brand has its thoughts turned towards innovation in the digital age. And however far-fetched a color-changing shirt may seem, we’ve already seen shirts with removable prints and heat-sensitive clothing. The future may not be so far off, after all.

The video ends by asking viewers to lend their own thoughts to the polo of the future, directing them to a Lacoste Future website. The site asks fans to submit their own design ideas; Lacoste will feature the best ideas on the site as well as their Facebook page. For example, design director Christophe Pillet imagines a future polo that never wrinkles:

Watch the video below and visit Lacoste Future to share your own ideas:

Lacoste Future

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