Plug-In LED Light Replaces Sounds & Vibrations For Phone Alerts [Video]

Plug-In LED Light Replaces Sounds & Vibrations For Phone Alerts [Video]

myLED conveniently fits into the iPad or iPhone's earphone jack.

Yi Chen
  • 11 december 2012

myLED is a small notification LED light that can be plugged into the headphone jack of any iPhone or iPad. The electronic indicator flashes to alert users of missed calls, new e-mails, messages, and social network updates, without them having to constantly switch on the screen to check for visual notifications. myLED addresses the problem for iPhone and iPad users as there is no convenient way to get alerts for activities. The function is inspired by flashing feature found on Android and BlackBerry phones.

The iOS accessory is embedded with a micro-LED that is connected to the audio jack. It even comes with headphones clip so that it can be safely stowed when not in use. Currently, myLED is raising funds on Kickstarter and hopes to reach $18,000 by the end of the month. Watch the video below for a product demonstration:


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