Personal Submarine Has High-End Sound System & Leather Seats

Personal Submarine Has High-End Sound System & Leather Seats

The C-Explorer 5 is especially designed for luxury underwater expeditions.

Yi Chen
  • 13 december 2012

U-Boat Worx has announced its latest submarine, the ‘C-Explorer 5.’ The Dutch company specializes in personal submersibles that make underwater exploring more like a ride in a limousine. The C-Explorer 5 can seat up to five people and includes the luxury comforts of a home. The submersible features soft leather couches, climate-controlled air conditioning, sonar, remote-controlled manipulator arm, and there’s even an option to include an iPod dock and Bose audio system.

The highlight of the C-Explorer 5 is that it has an acrylic hulk that allows for 360-degree viewing with no blind spots. The $2.46 million craft runs a 42 kWh lithium-ion battery, which can operate for up to 16 hours underwater on a single charge. The sub can also reach depth of up to 300 meters, depending on the model purchased.

Erik Hasselman, Sales and Marketing Manager for U-Boat Worx, stated that, “The sub is silent, extremely stable… We are more streamlined and carry no water that adds to the mass of the sub.”

C-Explorer 5

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