Lytro Transforms Photos Into Claymation Scenes

Lytro Transforms Photos Into Claymation Scenes

The company behind the camera that creates 'living pictures' invited people to submit funny photos to be "Lytro-ized".

Emma Hutchings
  • 7 december 2012

Lytro, the camera that lets you create living pictures that you can endlessly refocus after you take them, invited people to submit creative photos earlier this week for the ‘Lytro-izer‘. The best ones were transformed into claymation scenes and then captured in the light field as living pictures.

Lytro Transforms Photos Into Claymation Scenes

This was a collaboration between Lytro and Screen Novelties, the award-winning stop-motion animation team that created MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, It’s a SpongeBob Christmas holiday special, and Robot Chicken.

They “Lytro-ized” some memorable pop culture moments of the year to give people inspiration, including Felix Baumgartner, Gangnam Style, Fifty Shades of Grey, NASA Mohawk Guy, and others. Then they invited the public to submit a photo of themselves or their favorite moments via Twitter using the hashtag #LytroMe. All of the creative claymation scenes can be viewed at

The Lytro-izer


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