Secret Code Website Reveals Trailer For Next Superman Film

Secret Code Website Reveals Trailer For Next Superman Film

The Deep Space Radio Wave Project, which featured a series of symbols to be decoded, led to a website with the latest trailer for 'Man of Steel.'

Emma Hutchings
  • 12 december 2012

A mysterious website for the Deep Space Radio Wave Project surfaced earlier this week, as part of a viral marketing campaign for a big new superhero movie. The site, which had a copyright sign for Warner Bros. (the studio behind Man of Steel), featured a series of symbols that needed to be decoded by analyzing interstellar signals. It also described the organization and it’s mission:

Welcome to the home of the DSRW Project, a private non-profit research organization with a network of world-wide interstellar communication facilities that support the exploration of our solar system and the universe. We believe our research is essential to understanding the origin of life.

Our mission is to capture deep space radio waves and analyze them for patterns and messages. We share our findings with the public and work together to answer the question, “Are we alone in the universe?” through collaboration, we will separate real communication from galactic white noise.

Viral Campaign For ‘Man Of Steel’ Reveals New Trailer

After the symbols were decoded, some smart fans realized that the numbers were coordinates (“N77d58 W76d19”) to a location off the southwest coast of Greenland in the North Atlantic Ocean. They also led to a corresponding website, which counted down to reveal the new trailer for Man of Steel.

Deep Space Radio Wave Project

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