Multiple Photos Of One Subject Compiled Into Uncanny Portraits

Multiple Photos Of One Subject Compiled Into Uncanny Portraits
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Gregoire Cheneau splices together shots from different angles.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 17 december 2012


At any given moment in a day, we can look quite different than we do at other times. A little perspective, figuratively and also quite literally the angle at which you view something, can make a enormous difference.

Gregoire Cheneau’s new series ‘Altered States’ makes this assertion visually, and rather arrestingly. At first glance, the photos appear to be normal portraits. However, looking a bit more closely we can see how each individual body part is just slightly off in relation to the whole person.



Cheneau used multiple shots of the same person, taken from slightly different angles in order to achieve his creations. He then created a composite portrait in Photoshop, using various body parts from separate photos. In fact, the photographer says that nearly every body part is from a different photo.


Cheneau is able to blend the body parts and photos together almost seamlessly, but it takes little more then a second look to see they aren’t merely unflattering shots of ordinary people.

You can check out Cheneau’s site here, or pick up a copy of his book if you’re interested. What do you think of the portraits, revolting or mesmerizing?


Photos by Gregoire Cheneau


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