Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music

Critical Mob: 4 New Ideas In Music
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Take a trip into the heads of Hot Chip with their new video, read a review for the new album 'All Blackshirts To Me' from Cats On Fire, and more.

Critical Mob
  • 4 december 2012

Critical Mob, a discovery site that curates, selects, and reviews the best in culture, discusses this week’s top musical picks; Take a trip into the heads of Hot Chip with their new video, read a review for the new album All Blackshirts To Me from Cats On Fire, play connect-the-dots with Tupac’s bandana, and bring it way back with The National’s rendition of I’ll See You In My Dreams.

Hot Chip Don’t Deny Your Heart

Hot Chip have not lost their penchant for weird and slightly upsetting music videos with Don’t Deny Your Heart, the latest clip from this year’s In Our Heads. And from the looks of it, what’s in their heads is decidedly freaky.

Cats On Fire All Blackshirts To Me

Singer-songwriter Matthias Bjorkas, the sole constant behind Finnish indie collective Cats On Fire, seems to have an unapologetic fondness for a certain strain of British indie music circa 1982.

Site of the Week: Color in the rhymes with Jumbo Coloring & Rap Activity

Take the name – Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity – at face value: it’s a coloring book tumblr of rap artists, or as Houston rap legend and co-curator of the site explains it: ‘It’s like one of those coloring books that kids have, except way less boring.’

 The National serves up a sweet rendition of I’ll See You In My Dreams in Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire is known for taking 1920’s classic hits and transforming them into brilliantly atmospheric accompaniments to their show. Now, as anyone who tuned in for this current season’s 10th episode may already know, The National swooned a sweet rendition of the 1924 song I’ll See You in My Dreams.

Critical Mob is a discovery site, an editorial-driven, team-curated effort to select, review, and connect the best in culture. PSFK has partnered with Critical Mob to give readers fresh insight into the top picks for music, books, TV & film, and culture. Read more at Critical Mob.

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