Nike Fuelband Video Game Gets Players Moving

Nike Fuelband Video Game Gets Players Moving

NikeFuel Missions monitors your activity and determine whether you have earned enough 'fuel' in a given time period to advance.

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 december 2012

NikeFuel Missions is a new game powered by your everyday movement that uses ‘fuel’ to monitor your progress. To play the game, you accept missions and, based on the selected difficulty level, have to earn a certain amount of fuel to move on. Missions are timed, encouraging players to move more, so they can complete them.

The game, which goes live today, requires a Nike+ device like the Running App or Fuelband. This measures your activity and turns it into ‘NikeFuel,’ which you need to earn to advance throughout the game. To play, you simply need to log in to your Nike+ account and select your device.

Nike Introduces Video Game Controlled By Fuelband Activity

At the start of each mission, you can choose your difficulty level: either easy, medium, or hard. This determines how much NikeFuel is needed to pass the mission. The objective is to earn enough NikeFuel in a given time period. You choose your physical activity and then get moving, tapping to start the timer. The more you move, the more NikeFuel you will earn as the clock counts down.

After the mission, you can sync your Nike+ device to view gameplay results. If you haven’t met the NikeFuel goal to advance to the next mission, you can try again. If you’ve reached the goal, you can move on to play the next mission. Check out Nike’s game trailer below:

NikeFuel Missions

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