One Day…The World Will Be Zero Means, Maximum Meaning

One Day…The World Will Be Zero Means, Maximum Meaning
Design & Architecture

Marc Shillum of Method imagines a future where all designers will be cognizant of making the most with limited resources.

Marc Shillum, Method
  • 26 december 2012


PSFK asked creative experts working at the forefront of cultural change what they look forward to as ‘one day’ being the reality that we live in. As part of a series on forecasts, we asked Marc Shillum, Principal at Method, who works across disciplines to manage brand coherence in today’s iterative environment, for his thoughts on how to create a future with more meaning:

One Day the world will be zero means, maximum meaning. How do we create more meaning out of what’s there, instead of constantly thinking that it is our job to make new work? I look at the greatest editors in the world for that. I really like editors. We have limited resources and do not want to be wasting anything on the planet at the moment. We need to think very carefully about everything we do, about stuff we put out there. Failure really isn’t an option.

I love that everyone says, “Fail fast.” I say, “OK. Fail fast, but try not to use any of the world’s mineral resources to do it, because we’re running out of helium super fast.” This is a challenge to all designers. I think all of us have to be designing a future that we want our children to grow up in.


You can view Marc’s full presentation at PSFK CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO here.

Download  the PDF of Need To Know Vol. 2 containing all “One Day” entries.


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