Regina Ellis of JoyRx imagines a future where children will terminal illnesses are treated with more than just medicine.

PSFK asked creative experts working at the forefront of cultural change what they look forward to as ‘one day’ being the reality that we live in. As part of a series on forecasts, we asked Regina Ellis, the CEO of JoyRx, a company that designs innovative pediatric resources delivered to children and teens with life threatening illnesses, about the future of treating children with terminal illnesses:

One Day all kids will enjoy wonderful lives, no matter how long. Kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or, at the very least, wonderful lives. One day kids that are diagnosed with cancer or a terminal illness will be delivered an inexhaustible infusion of JoyRx alongside traditional treatments and state of the art medical interventions. Making room for JOY in the moments between life and death will change lives for the better- yours, mine, ours.

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