Robotic Sales Staff Find Perfect Pair Of Jeans In Less Than 60 Seconds

Robotic Sales Staff Find Perfect Pair Of Jeans In Less Than 60 Seconds

Shoppers at Hointer scan a QR code to have their items delivered to the fitting room by speedy robots.

Alice Chan
  • 19 december 2012

Hointer is a revolutionary shopping experience that enables users to pick out and try on clothes effortlessly with the help of a robotic sales staff. This blend of technology and service is the brainchild of former head of Supply Chain and Fulfillment Technologies for Amazon – Nadia Shouraboura. Once shoppers download an app, they can head into the showroom and scan the QR codes of the pieces of clothing they would like to try on. An automated backroom delivers the pieces straight to the fitting room, saving shoppers the hassle of going through stacks of clothing trying to find their sizes. When done choosing the perfect outfit shoppers simply swipe their credit cards on an in-room tablet and walk out of the store with their purchase.

The technology behind this backroom/fitting-room puts control of the store behind a simple set of APIs, capable of retrieving a requested item in a matter of seconds. To complete the shopping experience, the Hointer design team created a fully-movable store layout made from aviation-grade steel cables that allow shoppers to see each and every clothing piece as soon as they walk in the store. So far, the Hointer showroom located in Seattle is only stocked with men’s premium denim and apparel but plans for more and diverse stores are in talks. Check out the video below for an introduction to the Hointer showroom.



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