Clever appliance that allows users to select their toast preferences according to color and not time.

Not much innovation has been made to the humble kitchen toaster besides LED display features, and the ability to toast bagels.however, one thing that frustrated GeorgiaTech design student, Basheer Tome, is how unpredictable and inconsistent a toaster is when “the majority of toasters measure toast based on time yet with zero standards or consistency between brands, models, and toasters.”

Tome came up with the concept Hue, where the toaster allows you to select how you would like your toast based on color. Hue features color sensors via a simple interface where users can select from golden brown, to burnt brown. There are no additional gimmicky settings as Tome explains, “because bread only caramelizes once it reaches around 340°F, it doesn’t begin browning until it has completely thawed and heated back up and the sugars begin breaking down.”

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