Artist Offers Custom-Painted Attack Drones For Personal Use

Artist Offers Custom-Painted Attack Drones For Personal Use

Rajeev Basu creates a hoax site to make a statement about military use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Yi Chen
  • 18 december 2012

Rajeev Basu is a British artist now based in Boulder, Colorado. His portfolio mainly includes digital works that has won him awards like the Cannes Lion and Webby’s. His recent work is simply titled “Mr. Drones,” which is a satirical look at the use of unmanned aerial vehicles in U.S. military campaigns.

The website allows visitors to custom paint a drone on a rotating 3D model within their browsers. Using Google Streetview, users can input an address to see how the drone would look flying around the street. The asking price is around $25,000 for a drone. But before you get too excited, Basu writes that this is a hoax site part of a larger art project. He explains that:

I was curious to explore how everyday folks will react to thousands of drones buzzing about over their homes. That’s because in the US, commercial drone use becomes legal in 2015. FAA estimates that 30,000 will be in our skies by 2020. So I created a hoax site called Mr Drones selling the ultra powerful drones of tomorrow, today.

You can create your own drone here.

Mr. Drones



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