Instead of burying your pet or having them stuffed, you could have a diamond ring made from their cremated remains.

A number of companies are offering to turn your deceased pet’s ashes into diamonds, so you could immortalize them as something you can look at everyday, like a diamond ring. The Wall Street Journal reports that turning the carbon in ashes into diamonds emerged as an idea ten years ago as a way to memorialize humans and now people’s departed pets are fueling the industry’s growth.

The carbon in ashes can be made into diamonds that have the same physical properties as mined diamonds, and for upwards of $1400, your beloved pet can live on your finger for perpetuity. Companies including LifeGem, Pet-Gems, and DNA2Diamonds, offer to turn your dog, cat, rabbit, bird or other beloved pet into a precious gem. Natalie Pilon, who used this service to create a diamond ring made from the remains of her cat, told the WSJ:

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