‘Magic’ Phone Booth Lets Children Talk With Santa

‘Magic’ Phone Booth Lets Children Talk With Santa

Brazilian telecom company sets up a phone line to the 'North Pole' for the holidays.

Ryan Gerhardt
  • 13 december 2012

With the help of just a pay phone and a little holiday magic, the largest telecommunications company in Brazil, Oi, recently started spreading the holiday cheer.

In the capital of Rio de Janeiro, Oi set up a ‘magic’ pay phone that allows children to call and speak with Santa Claus. As the children were talking, retired actors on the other end of the line could see them on a video monitor, allowing for real-life conversations as opposed to an automated script.

The holiday magic didn’t stop there. While the children were talking with ‘Santa,’ small gifts would appear on the step behind them. It even began to ‘snow’ as the building opposite the pay phone was lit-up into a winter wonderland using projection mapping. For the icing on the cake, there were passing ‘elves’ and children’s choir that would emerge to sing holiday carols.

Oi even provided a phone number, (21) 2243-2012 if you’re living in Brazil, for any children to call Santa Claus themselves. All fees and proceeds from the calls went to participating institutions, in the true spirit of the holidays. Through a simple phone call, Oi helped strengthen the magic of the holiday season for the children of Brazil and quite possibly rekindled it for the adults.

Check out the video of the campaign below. It’s difficult to not get caught up in the holiday spirit watching the children and audience react.


Images from Brainstorm9

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