Prosthetic Arm Looks Like A Tentacle

Prosthetic Arm Looks Like A Tentacle

Design student creates a concept octopus apendage as an alternative to traditional mechanical limbs.

Laura Feinstein
  • 3 december 2012

There’s a lot of ways in which a person can alter their body –there’s tattoos, piercings, and if you’re Wolverine, a metal exoskeleton fused to your bone that releases steel claws whenever you get really really mad. However, on the more practical end of the spectrum, Kaylene Kau, a recent graduate of the University of Washington for Industrial Design, recently came up with the above concept for a tentacle-like arm that allows for dexterity and grip, a problem that has plagued many prosthetic limb designs already on the market.

This new approach will allow for less motors and machinery to occupy the space within the arm, which in addition to streamlining the process of use, also means less parts, and is cheaper to produce and easier to maintain. The “tentacle arm approach” also allows someone to grip multiple objects at once, just like a real hand would.

As opposed to harder to use mechanical arms, Kau’s design is simplified to its purest essence, and though there still needs to be more fine tuning in order to put this concept into production, the design has been proven solid.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to have an octopus tentacle as an arm, look no further than the gallery below.


Kaylene Kau

+Industrial Design
+University of Washington

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