Playground Made From Recycled Apartment Items

Playground Made From Recycled Apartment Items

The space will be made from items donated from neighborhood dwellings to evoke a deeper sense of community.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 11 december 2012

One of the noteworthy entries in the recently-concluded Richard Krajicek Foundation Playground Awards revolves around strengthening community ties while reducing the ecological footprint. This year’s second placer is BOARD for their concept, the Recycled Apartment playground, which encourages locals in a particular area to share tools and other items to turn a playground into a place literally formed by and for the community.

The playground itself will be shaped in the exact layout of nearby apartments, and residents are encouraged to donate unwanted items to make the park- old coins for walkways, old planters for plants, and old wine corks to provide a game surface.

BOARD’s playground design draws from the enlarged version of a typical apartment layout. Each member of the community is then encouraged to donate as many items as possible to put the playground together, thus inspiring a sense of investment and affinity to it. BOARD believes that this communal gesture will lead to a socially sustainable place and a strong sense of belonging among people.

BOARD explains the philosophy behind their design:

The proposal suggests a new philosophy of sustainability for future playgrounds for the Foundation with a clear emphasis on social sustainability. By motivating the residents around the playground to organize activities by themselves, our design connects to the already existing social ideals of the Foundation’s playgrounds. But our proposal includes other elements as well, transforming the playground into a truly sustainable place with an emphasis on energy, economy, climate, ecology, green and specifically on the recycling process.


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