The Auto-Graph allows anyone around the world to sign DraftFCB's annual holiday card.

We’ve all signed and passed around an office birthday card, but the Auto-Graph from DraftFCB replicates the experience on a global scale. To celebrate the holiday season, DraftFCB is making a charitable donation to the Coalition for the Homeless on behalf of their employees, clients, and friends. In a typical office, the card would be passed around for everyone to sign, but because the agency has employees and clients around the world, a simple physical card wasn’t feasible.

A digital card would have been easy enough to make, but the agency wanted people to have the ability to actually add their own signature to the card. To enable people from as far away as Australia and São Paulo to physically sign the card, the agency created the the Auto-Graph, a robotic drawing machine that transcribes digital signatures onto a massive 10′ x 12′ card. Visitors to Our Gift To You can sign the card by writing their name with a mouse, or if on a touchscreen device, with their fingers. The Auto-Graph then captures the vector data, replicating signatures on the wall stroke-for-stroke with a Sharpie (who, fortuitously, is a Draftfcb client).

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