One Day…Our Physical And Virtual Identity Will Blend

One Day…Our Physical And Virtual Identity Will Blend

James Tichenor and Josh Walton of Rockwell Group Labs imagine a day when physical and digital become one.

Andrew Vaterlaus-Staby
  • 27 december 2012

PSFK asked creative experts working at the forefront of cultural change what they look forward to as ‘one day’ being the reality that we live in. As part of a series on forecasts, we asked James Tichenor and Josh Walton, Co-Chiefs of Rockwell Group’s LAB, an interactive design team dedicated to experimenting with interactive experiences:

One Day we’ll see a blending between our virtual identity and our physical identity. In many ways, the web is the backbone for what’s coming next. We’ll see the integration of digital services and apps into our real-world environment.

The big question we will be asking is, ‘Where do you live your life?’ Obviously, it’s in the physical world, where you have your home, your workplace, the train, and other places. But you also live your life on Facebook, email, Twitter and YouTube. It’s all very natural, but our environments don’t necessarily reflect that

It will be fascinating to watch the programming, the use and the design of spaces that people are actually engaged in, and how digital technology will allow us to reprogram and reuse these spaces.


You can view their full presentation at PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON here.

Download  the PDF of Need To Know Vol. 2 containing all “One Day” entries.

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