Santa Must Leave The North Pole In New Greenpeace Campaign

Santa Must Leave The North Pole In New Greenpeace Campaign

The Santa Relocation Project aims to raise awareness about the Arctic ice melting and spark conversations about global warming.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 december 2012

Greenpeace has collaborated with agency BBH LA on the Santa Relocation Project, which is part of it’s wider Save The Arctic campaign. The project aims to raise awareness by finding a new home for Santa, claiming he has been forced to move from the North Pole due to the Arctic melting.

The Save The Arctic Facebook page features images and information about the project, and the hashtag #SantaRelocation is being used on Twitter for ideas about where he could move to. Advertisements have been posted on Craigslist in New York, Miami and Los Angeles, offering Santa’s North Pole home for sale, with details about the property and pictures providing clues about the current owner.

Santa Is Moving From The North Pole In Greenpeace Campaign

On Instagram, @SantaRelocationProject is commenting on images people have posted of their kids’ wish lists, warning that this might be the last year they can be sent to the North Pole. In Australia, New Zealand and India, notices are being stuck to mail boxes about Santa’s move, noting that the postal service might not be able to deliver wishlists to him at the North Pole in future.

The Santa Relocation Project simply, but provocatively, presents the issue of Arctic melting in a humorous, playful and engaging way. The goal is to draw mass attention to the Arctic cause and spark conversations about the environment and global warming among people of every age – from children to their grandparents – in a way that is both accessible and compelling to a broad audience.

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