Site Makes Sellers Compete For Their Customers

Site Makes Sellers Compete For Their Customers

Yumani takes the opposite approach of eBay, allowing customers to sit back while retailers bid on the lowest price to sell at.

Zachary Kraemer
  • 4 december 2012

As the old saying goes, there is strength in numbers. Recognizing this from a retail standpoint, hotelier Henry Zilberman created Yumani, a site that allows consumers to band together to request the products they desire at reduced prices. The real kicker, the more consumers join together and request a product, the bigger the discount they receive.

Allowing buyers and sellers to join for free, anyone can use the site to make a sale, or purchase a product. Prices are reduced as the buyers compete for the sellers business, and the lowest product price wins the bid. Consumers are also given the  option to ‘Yunite’ in a bulk-buying request, purchasing discounts are applied according to how many Yumani consumers Yunite on one given product.

In a letter to users, Henry Zilberman explains his reasoning behind the creation of Yumani:

I’ve navigated the jungles of Amazon, and swam in the waters of eBay, but they seem counter to the way the web should work. With online auctions, am I supposed to compete with other buyers to drive up the price of an item? The concept seems completely backwards! Why shouldn’t sellers compete for my business? With Yumani, sellers win and buyers win.

Take a look at the video below to see the concept behind Yumani:



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