8 Small Living Trends That Will Change Your Home

8 Small Living Trends That Will Change Your Home
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Small living innovations that the LifeEdited concept apartment is driving.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 2 december 2012

Graham Hill says in this video from the PSFK CONFERENCE NEW YORK 2012 that if people’s happiness isn’t going up as they amass more stuff and take up more space, then it’s time everyone edits their lives and the objects within it.

We recently visited the showspace of LifeEdited — a small living project created by the founder of — that is this entrepreneur’s forray into real estate where he mixes his passion for the environment and design to create a space that is under 400 square feet wide. While it is tiny, Graham insists that it can be used by a family.

From PSFK’s visit to the apartment, we noticed 8 small living innovations that LifeEdited is driving – look out for them appearing in your home soon:

1. Modularity

The LifeEdited apartment is designed to function in different ways across the day. For one moment it’s a bedroom, the next it’s a dining room, then a living room. Pull down beds and pull out projectors help the room transform between various needs.

2. Creating Room

A wall in the apartment travels on wheels to turn a single room into a second room. Within this new room, a pair of bunkbeds can be pulled from the wall – helpful if you have visitors staying the night.

3. Maximizing Space

Graham turns window sills into seats and then has a fold-down seat above the toilet to help inhabitants find a place to take that private call. Also, the fridge and freezer are installed horizontally so they fit in a drawer space.

4. Stackable

Much of the contents of the apartment in an old tenement building in New York’s Soho neighborhood can be stacked upon each other. This helps for the furniture and other items to easily be tidied away in the smallest of spaces. We ate our dinner around a table that pulled out from a ‘kitchen shelf’ to seat 12 guests – and we sat upon seats that were unstacked from a single pile found in the closet.

5. Privacy

Small living means people getting on top of each other. Graham Hill considers this as he adds features to separate residents. The bathroom deliberately has 2 doors so that people using the commode can not be heard(!), and a curtain pulls from the wall to separate the living area from the second room and the kitchen area.

6. Tuck Away

The LifeEdited apartment is designed to change depending on the time of day. Appliances that are not needed all the time can be hidden away. For example, the apartment doesn’t come with an oven – instead three hot plates can be found in a drawer in the kitchen.

7. Work-Life Area

A small but subtle feature is the desk area that comes out of the moving wall. A nod to the way our workplace has changed and an acknowledging of the need for time online.

8. Shareable

The apartment is also designed to be shared. Lockable private and public closets and cupboards mean that it’s ready to be rented on Airbnb from the day you own the place.

Click through the thumbnails below to see more images:

…or watch the video below to find out more about Graham Hill’s inspiration:

Graham Hill: Are You Ready To Life-Edit? from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.


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